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Meliha Gacanin:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ALDI u.g.
Goražde, 17/05/2005

Study tour to Italy was organised by Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, which works within the Department for Economic Relations Promotion of Italian Embassy in Sarajevo. Visit to Italy was organised from 8 th to 13 th May 2005.

Participants of this Study Tour were representatives of the following companies and organisations: Kapetancic d.o.o. from Gracanica, Association of entrepreneurs and employers from Zepce, Agricultural Institute from Sarajevo, Veterinary faculty from Sarajevo, Vispak from Visoko, Laktasi municipality, LIR from Banja Luka, Vitaminka Banja Luka, Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the RS from Banja Luka, Ministry of Agriculture of the RS from Banja Luka, ALDI from Gorazde.

The Study Tour was designed in such way that leading Italian companies for production of food products were visited. So, participants have been directly introduced with process of quality control in production of agricultural and food products.

During the study visit in Italy delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina met also with representatives of the region Emilia Romagna, which is one of the most developed regions in Italy. Representatives of that region presented their production districts focusing on agricultural and food sector.



Meliha Gacanin:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ALDI u.g.
Goražde, 12/04/2005

Agency for Local Development Initiatives has been implementing the project 'Development of small farmers and entrepreneurs in scope of the EU integration process' already for two years. The comprehensive objective of this project is strengthening of position of small farmers, entrepreneurs and small businesses in BiH in scope of the current EU Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP).

In aim to identify attitudes of direct project beneficiaries regarding the project components that have been already implemented the Agency for Local Development Initiatives conducted a survey by phone during March 2005. The main approaching model of implementation of such form of the project evaluation was based on the prime goal, which means identification of attitudes of direct project beneficiaries in order to use them for useful planning of the next project activities. More



Fatima Fejzić:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ALDI u.g.
Goražde, 15/01/2005

In aim to identify key problems, which agricultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing with, as well as in aim to assess quality of support and stimulus to agricultural production, ALDI u.g. has conducted the research of effects of governmental policies for development of domestic agriculture. 30 agricultural cooperatives from the entire BiH were included into the research. According to results of the research:

  • Lack of financial sources for investments in development of agricultural production presents the greatest problem, which domestic farmers are facing with. That is opinion of 77,42 % of agricultural cooperatives included into the research.

In regards to quality of support that agricultural cooperatives receive from entity ministries for agriculture, local governmental institutions, semi-public institutions, private organisations, non-governmental organisations and private sector:

  • 75% of the polled cooperatives consider support from entity ministries as weak or inferior,
  • Governmental stimulus for primary agricultural production development fulfilled expectations of only 3,3% percent of agricultural cooperatives.

ALDI has also conducted the public opinion survey, which comprised 300 respondents from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The survey was related to attitudes of BiH citizens towards necessary role of governmental institutions in solving the problems which domestic agriculture is facing with. Key attitudes of public opinion were:

  • 78,34% of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina do support establishment of Ministry for agriculture at the state level,
  • 5,67% BiH citizens are satisfied with the current condition of public administration in the area of agricultural sector. More

Seminar about the EU Stabilisation and Association Process

Meliha Gacanin:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ALDI u.g.
Gorazde, 17. December 2004. godine

Seminar on subject European Integration was held on Thursday, December 16, 2004 in ALDI premises. The seminar was organised in cooperation with the Directorate for European Integration from Sarajevo . The Directorate is currently being working on informative campaign – With knowledge to Europe . Lecturers were Mr Emir Hadzikadunic, M.A, and Mrs Maja Rimac – Bjelobrk.

The goal of seminar was education of ALDI project team members, representatives from Canton , municipalities and NGOs from the BP canton as well as representatives of enterprises.

The following subjects were presented in the seminar: Participation of BiH in the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP); Single economic space; and Programmes of EU and EU countries aid to BiH. Special emphasize was put on the current situation in BiH and problems related to association of BiH with EU.

Mr Hadzikadunic in his presentation emphasized importance of informing population of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the process of association to EU. Through better information all structures of society from students over entrepreneurs, agricultural producers down to employees of state administration will be able to recognise advantages and lacks of association with EU, that menas, to recognise opportunities for development and improvement of economy and society that are being offered to member countries.

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