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About Innovative Training Lab

ALDI innovative training laboratory enables young and innovative people to acquire digital skills through training and practical work on the development of digital products and services

The acquisition of digital skills is carried out through training programs within short training courses, courses within approved educational programs for training in digital skills, as well as through individual and group work through which acquired skills are applied on examples from a real life

How can I join ITLab?

ALDI regularly announces calls to apply for training programs. In addition to regular programs, trainees are able to follow on-line training programs through which students are trained in programming and using the most recent frameworks for which there is an exceptional market demand.

Also, attendees can attend seminars and webcasts to get information on the latest trends in the global software industry, which can help them make a decision about their future career.

Interested for programming?

Acquiring basic digital skills is our priority. Our lab's students have the opportunity of training in which they will master the basics of WEB technology - HTML5 CSS3 and javascript5. Students who have improved these technologies have the opportunity to continue developing their programming skills through training in programming in PHP programming language and NodeJS framework

To develop their career in the software industry, ITLab allows participants to participate in multi-month training programs in JAVA programming, as well as increasingly popular programming in the Python programming language.

Internet of Things and Big Data

Digital economy requires the use of the latest technologies that require special skills in software frameworks that allow developers to apply their skills in a wide range of occupations. ITLab allows trainees to specialize in the latest digital trends such as IoT, Big Data and Analytics in order to create a database of skilled and trained ICT professionals.

In order to improve the skills in these areas, we allow students to work on the development of real-life ideas by making available the knowledge and resources necessary to put the ideas into practice.

Interested for career development?

In our lab you can find various activities that suit your requirements

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The premises of the Innovative Training Laboratory are located at the headquarters of ALDI at the address:
Panorama b.b., 73000 Gorazde
Bosna i Hercegovina