Why are new technologies important?

New technologies have a growing impact on the quality of people social life, business operations of companies and prosperity of communities. Digital technologies are becoming a central tool that provides better jobs, higher productivity and economic growth.

Our organization is committed to empowering people, organizations and communities in the use of new technologies to ensure active participation in social life, better jobs and community prosperity.

Digital skills are the door to prosperity

Acquiring new competences is the essence of lifelong learning. In the digital age, ICT skills, together with literacy and numerical skills, represent the essential foundation for learning.

Our programs provide support to all those who are interested in the development of digital skills to enhance their participation in society, to improve the skills necessary at the workplace or to build their career in information and communication technologies.

We're helping digital businesses

In a digital society, more and more jobs require the possession of digital skills through which they provide services to customers, produce new products and services, and manage business operations. As part of the program Initiative for the Business Community, our organization provides start-up services to digital technology companies to establish and develop business operations using digital technologies, and develop the skills of staff required to work in digital technology.