In traditional industries, our focus is on staff development

Under the traditional industry, we mean the industries in the process manufacturing sector which engage industrial workers in the manufacturing of products for the domestic and international market. In our work , ALDI has established successful cooperation with companies from the metal, chemical, automobile and wood industry, where more than 1000 workers passed various professional development programs.

How we cooperate with industry

Cooperation with industry comes out from our fundamental principles that the key to success in participatory development that empowers an individual. Our cooperation is not limited only to the provision of services on the field of vocational training of workers and the unemployed. Our activities have been extended to a better connection between the world of work with the world of education through the development of a framework for cooperation and joint planning staff, and new programs of education in order to harmonize the needs of industry for labor and offer programs of education that provide professional training and qualifications of students in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.

Small business and entrepreneurship

Our organization was created in response to the needs for the development of entrepreneurship and small business. Our programs are open to start-up businesses and young entrepreneurs who enable the development of their skills, and support during the opening and starting a business.