ALDI Privacy Statement

Protecting individual privacy on the Internet is crucial for the future of Internet-based promotions. We have created this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment to induvidual privacy rights.

By using this website, as well as in the case of most other websites, you are liable to collect and use your personal information, through Cookies or otherwise. If you disagree with our privacy policy, please do not use this website.

At the moment, ALDI does not collect, select, process or store personal data that can be obtained from users who visit our website.

ALDI collects, stores and analyzes only personal data that users who are registered independently enter the database for the purpose of using certain services or applications. The data obtained in this way are used exclusively for the purpose for which they are obtained and do not distribute the same third parties. Data obtained from users, but not required for the purpose that is published, our organization does not store, but already removes them from the database.