Date of publication

Februar 18, 2007


Priručnik za analizu javnih politika

Uvod u socioekonomsku analizu proces kreiranja javnih politika na lokalnom nivou


Tokom višegodišnjeg rada na zagovaranju i analizi javnih politika i jačanju uloge civilnog društva u procesu kreiranja javnih politika, imajući u vidu nedostatak stručne literature iz oblasti analize i kreiranja javnih politika, ALDI u.g. je kreirao Priručnik za analizu javnih politika.
Zahvaljujući finansijskoj pomoći Delegacije Evropske komisije u Bosni i Heregovini priručnik za analizu javnih politika na jednom mjestu približava pitanja kao što su osnove procesa kreiranja javnih politika, osnove anal ...

Objective analysis for effective policies

Our activities are based on objective research and analyzes that we use to better identify problems and create activities to solve them.

We use the results of our research not only to improve our services and to be better in the sectors in which we are active. The reports we create on the basis of our research and analysis are used in the process of advocating more effective public policies at the national and local levels.

In our library you can find a great collection of data and statistical analyzes of socio-economic trends in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2000 to the present. These data can be useful to all stakeholders for better design and implementation of development policies and programs.