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The development of a vocational education and training system is a key factor in increasing the competitiveness of local industry due to its ability to provide local companies with the skilled and trained workforce needed to maximize the performance of local industry.

In order to develop the quality of vocational education, it is crucial that representatives of the private sector and social partners actively engage in these processes, not only in the process of implementation of educational programs, but also in their design. Mutual co-operation will enable the transfer of knowledge and experience in order to provide students with the opportunity to gain a stronger dimension of learning in the workplace, and wherever possible with international experience in the process of education. 

In order to contribute to ensuring quality education and the labor market of relevant professional skills and qualifications, all actors in the education process should be able to carry out activities that contribute to improving the acquisition of student experience in the workplace as part of their learning process.

Also, it is essential that the education system increases the opportunities for combining student learning experience in different learning environments, not just through school-based learning, in particular through the upgrading of existing learning tools. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the educational authorities to support the development of higher vocational education and training through partnership with other training providers and in cooperation with the private sector in order to respond to the needs for a higher level of skills at the sectoral level.

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