Developing the skills of workers in the wood industry





For more productivity, companies in the wood industry need trained workers

After successfully completed vocational training programs for the needs of the Gorazde industry, ALDI, in cooperation with the Secondary Vocational School in GoraĹžde, organizes a training program for companies in the Upper Drina region in the wood industry sector.

Companies from the wood industry from Gorazde, Foca, Visegrad, Rogatica, Cajnice and Rudo have the opportunity to get involved in the project in order to enable their workers to gain vocational training in the field of wood processing. This opportunity can be used by workers employed in wood processing companies who do not have formal formal education in woodworking but have a working experience in these jobs. Also, the project can include unemployed people interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in wood processing in order to increase their employment opportunities in this sector. 
The first training cycle begins ??.

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